LED Safety Running Armband

Belt Buddy LED Safety Armband is battery operated and will let you feel safe when running or walking after dark. Fits securely around arms, ankles or as a wristband for your comfort. Great to attach to your back pack if you are cycling home from work. The Belt Buddy LED safety armband will become your favorite safety accessory. Be safe and exercise stress free knowing very well that as darkness approaches you will be seen and visible to others. 

About the Product

Belt Buddy LED Safety Armband increases visibility during night time exercise - be seen by cars after dark when running, cycling or just walking the dog. 3 modes of operation at the touch of a button - bright steady light, slow or fast flashing. 

Greater visibility than wearing reflective clothing or bands. 

Durable nylon band encases a flexible LED core - Velcro closure is secure and adjustable so you can be comfortable when you run, cycle, jog or walking. 

When out training this winter you will be outdoors before dawn or after dark - don't let your runners world be destroyed because a car couldn't see you on the road. Be seen for your personal safety

Perfect gift for runners - LED light will not get hot - replaceable batteries included - keep your loved one safe with fast or slow flashing lights

Belt Buddy LED Safety Armband has three modes: 1. Steady On all the time  2. Fast Flash 3. Normal Flash

Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. Please request colour on purchase. If you do not choose will pick a colour for you. 

Size: 25cm - 33cm 

Material: nylon webbing, Fluorescence webbing, super bright LED.

Battery operated with normal battery life 4-5 months. Battery can be easily replaced.