Yoga Wheel

Whether you're a fitness beginner, advanced yoga practitioner, or just want to mix up your workout and stretching routines, the Belt Buddy Yoga Wheel will take your performance to the next level. It offers a fun way to challenge your balance, stretch, and safely learn new yoga poses. Ideal for opening up and stretching your back and chest muscles and hips. The 33cm diameter and 13cm width provide the ideal size to support you as you stretch out backwards across the wheel. The deep stretch without strain will help loosen up your muscles and provide relief for a tight upper body. The sturdy interior design supports up to 200 kgs and is built to last. 

Use it to learn or improve your yoga wheel pose, plow pose, forearm stands, and more. Deepen stretches or practice balance exercises by placing one leg on the wheel in a variety of poses or core strengthening moves. 

The exterior provides 63mm thick cushioning for the most comfortable practice. At just 1.9cm thick in total, the yoga wheel is lightweight and easy to carry so you can take it anywhere.